The Road Ahead Is Beautiful

Chances are, we all know someone affected by road trauma. Over 1.2million people every year die on our roads and millions more suffer permanent injuries.

At Road Sense we have helped over 7000 Australian families to show them the importance of driving safe and being responsible road users. Meaning we have helped save the lives of over 7000 dads, mums, brothers, sister partners and friends.

Partnering with Road Sense is a unique opportunity, and our Corporate Partnership Program is designed for people who want to help us make a difference.

Corporate partnerships with Road Sense are individually designed to be mutually beneficial. It’s important to us that you achieve your corporate social responsibility and adequately protect your employees too, all while building staff morale and encouraging staff participation programs.

By partnering with Road Sense, we will deliver tangible benefits where you can:

  • Improve staff retention rates by enhancing morale, teamwork and motivation;
  • Strengthen relationships with your community;
  • Improve your corporate character;
  • Be an advocate for Road Sense;
  • Build a workplace giving program;
  • Sponsor a program aimed at preventing youth road trauma.

As a corporate partner, you’ll work with us to develop mutually beneficial relationships that will align your business goals and raise much-needed funds for Road Sense at the same time.

For more information email or call 0423 22 33 23.