Helping Young Drivers To Make Safer Driving Choices

Learning to drive is seen by many young adults as a rite of passage and represents a new-found sense of freedom. Educating young drivers to ensure they remain safe is a critical part of their driving development.

The Learn To Live program brings together key elements of road safety to ensure novice drivers get the full benefit of understanding their obligations and responsibilities as a new road user in order to keep them safe on our roads.

Key areas include:

  • Knowledge of the road rules;
  • Understanding how driving conditions have a bearing on road safety
  • The influence of role models on their driving behaviour, especially parents

Numerous studies have been conducted all over the world that indicate that role models can have great influence on young drivers perceived acceptable behaviour behind the wheel of a car. This can be both a positive and negative influence on them, as they will likely pick up as many bad driving habits as good ones.

The program will work with parents and teachers to ensure they feel confident their young drivers are adequately prepared to be on the roads unsupervised.

Throughout the program students will be asked to identify and evaluate a range of factors that impact on their behaviour and apply their understanding of these influencing factors to help them develop strategies that will minimise the risk of harm to themselves and others.

Working With Parents And Teachers To Instill Confidence In Young Drivers.