Learnin To Live

If your teenager is about to start driving then there are a few vital ingredients that will help to make sure they stay safe on the roads:

  • They need to know and obey the road rules;
  • They need to be confident in all driving conditions;
  • They need to have good role models, especially their parents

Evidence shows us that when parents are more involved with their child’s learning to drive experience then the learner is more likely to become a safer, better and more confident road user. Sadly, evidence also shows us that when learners have bad role models, they often pick up their instructor’s bad habits.

So what are we doing about this? Well firstly we are working with parents (and other influential adults) to train tomorrow’s driver. We are doing this in schools and at home, meaning we are tackling our rising road toll head on (pardon the pun) and working to ensure your child does not become another statistic.

To find out more, or how you can book one of our program in your school please contact us, but remember we’re currently updating this page, so please bear with us while we remodel our website, but in the meantime feel free to use the “enquire online” function and we will keep you in the loop on everything that is happening.