Road Ready Is A Fun Learning Experience For Young Children.

Children need assistance dealing with the traffic environment until at least the age of 10 as they are not equipped physically or developmentally to make the crucial decisions to keep them safe. Young children face many dangers on or near our road ways and are at heightened risk of being injured or killed.

Risks can come in many forms, and as children are unable to sense danger this puts them at an increased risk of being involved in road-related incidents.

Children by nature are impulsive, easily distracted and have little or no concept of danger. They have to deal with a lot of scenarios simultaneously such as: judging speed and distance of vehicle, sounds from near or far and distance between vehicles.

Road Ready uses fun and interactive learning games to addresses key issues relevant to early childhood road safety:

  • Bike Safety
  • Pedestrian Activity
  • Travelling Safely In Car
  • Walking To School

The Road Ready Program can be implemented as part of an in school education program, or made available as part of Before / After School Care or School Holiday Vacation Care Programs.

Road Safety Is Not A Game, But The Road Ready Program Makes Learning About Road Safety Fun!