“I had read on other websites about programs offering their participants section 10’s. Almost making it sound like I deserve to be let off for my actions. But what I did was wrong. I chose your program over the others after hearing the amazing recommendations from the police, the courts and my lawyer. Did doing this program help me get a better sentence? Yes But that’s because of the invaluable information it gave me, and the way it helped me change my attitude on the road.”



“Our clients tell us that there is no doubt that your program has a salutary and sobering effect on them.”



“Many of my clients tell us that if they had done your program when they first got their license, their  driving habits would have been very different.”



“Your program is the best we have seen, you have our strongest support. Keep up the great work.”



“I just want to thank you for the opportunity to attend your course, it has literally been life changing.”



“Thank you for allowing me to attend your program. It drives a very strong message around what impact our decisions can have on not only ourselves but others as well. I took a lot from it. Thank you.”



“My client got a great result this morning in Court, and we could not have done it without Road Sense.”



“I tried to go into this course with an open mind, in the back of my head I was thinking it might be a bit of a waste of time and just a generic “you shouldn’t do this or that”; However, after taking the time to listen to the many speakers I had a different view. The course left me with something that will stay in the back of my mind whenever I am on the roads, that being, consideration and thought of others before myself.”



“The staff during the course were great and I would without a doubt recommend your programs to anyone, regardless of whether they are an offender or not.”



“I found the course very educational and feel I have the knowledge not to make any mistakes like this again.”



“Listening to a your presenters and how road trauma affected their life, their his experiences and how they still struggle was the biggest wake up call. People have statistics given to them, but all should have to talk to a victim it makes it all very real.”



“Your program has impacted me greatly, the most valuable lesson I have learnt is life is very precious, everyone’s life and things happen that we have no control over but I will never ever again do anything to place a life at risk, where I have control over the decisions I make.”



“I honestly felt I had nothing to learn by doing TOIP. I only did it to try to get a more favourable outcome in Court. But now, no matter what my result, the education I have received has changed me forever.”



“This course has made me realise that not only was I putting myself at risk but I was also putting other motorist at risk too. This course has opened my eyes and made me realise that I am not the only person on the road. Doing this course has also taught me things I never knew before. This course is a really big eye opener.”



“Your course has taught me how to be a better role model to those around me.”



“Today a new chapter was developed in my life.”



“This program was significantly educational whereby I have attained responsibility to inform other surrounding drivers and provide them with relative knowledge. The program was a fantastic and educational program which can affect all drivers particularly myself.”



“I am so glad I asked to do this course as it completely opened my eyes and made me feel so sorry for my previous actions.”



“I will be referring everyone to your program.”



“I have taken the opportunity to tell all of my friends and family about my experience.”


“Your program has been a huge wake up call for me. I can honestly say that it has changed my behaviour.”



“The course was an incredibly invaluable experience. I’d highly recommend anyone partake in the course as it serves a prudent reminder of the impact of our decisions, and rights and responsibilities to drive.”



“Since the course, I have changed my attitude on the road, I am more careful. I am thankful and incredibly grateful I have had the chance to do a driving program with you, as I was given the opportunity to listen to the stories of others, have a refresher on driving etiquette and skills and change my perception on driving in general.”



“I found Road Sense to be an extremely valuable and informative experience. Road Sense has introduced me to a different way of thinking/looking at driving. Road Sense has helped me understand the potential consequences and ramifications of driving and the subsequent impact it could have on communities. I have learned valuable skills and am glad I participated.”



“I didn’t know what to expect from this course except a tough, long day. But what I found was an Educational, Confronting and Emotional experience which has changed my whole outlook on driving.”



“This is an extremely powerful course and should be compulsory to all young drivers.”



“This course is the best thing I have ever done.”



“The course was a huge eye opener for me, every speaker had a real message which resonated with me.”



“This course was amazing, I learnt so much about road safety, drugs, alcohol, crashes and accidents that I would have never known without doing the road sense driving class.”



“This is a great course that has been an eye opener to the outcomes of every choice that is made behind the wheel and how easy life can change, be ruined or taken from every decision.”



“After completeling the Road Sense course It has completely changed the person I am. Not only on the road but In other factors of my life.”



“This is my first time road safety program and i have to say that it has been exceedingly educational and an eye-opener.”



“This course has honestly changed my life in realising the way we take for granted both driving and believing that nothing will happen to us or anyone else when driving irresponsibly or making poor choices.”



“This course has honestly changed my life and whilst i know i will moving forward always make good choices as to my behaviour on the road, i can only hope that other people will take the time to make good choices also as no one deserves to go through the devastation of losing loved ones through such avoidable circumstances.”



“After driving 25 years i felt i had nothing to learn but the education i received from this course has changed me forever.”



“Attending this course was one of the best things I have ever done.”



“I came home from your program and told everybody at home what I had learnt and how they can also be more safe on the roads. I can apply everything I learnt in this program in my every day life and very thankful I had this opportunity to complete it.”



“I feel I learn so much more from your program that I ever thought I could.”



“I attended your program and it taught me the total opposite to whatever I thought of driving.”



“How has this impacted my life? Well….the program, opened my eyes to all the possible dangers of driving. And the many responsibilities that the driver ALWAYS has. The course was that great that it changed the way I think and behave for every-day-life.”



“Such a fantastic program!! I believe everyone should do it no matter what.”



“Everyone should do this program.”



“Thank you so much for taking the time to come and speak to us. It was such a great course.”



“If you had asked me a month ago whether or not I considered myself to be a stupid, selfish or arrogant person, the answer quite simply would have been no.  I’m educated, I am a caring family and friend, I respect those people around me.  However now? I know realise the gravity of what can only be described as stupid and selfish choices I had been making behind the wheel, driven by an arrogant attitude. Road Sense has helped me in the choices I make on the road. I believe everyone should do your program.”



“Thank you to the guest speakers and the people running the course, you changed my life.”



“Your program overwhelmingly drove home the point that every time I get behind the wheel of a car, I am entirely responsible for not just myself, but everyone else on the road. Your program has been a momentous wake up call for me, and I cannot ever imagine looking at my driving habits in the same way again.”



“Your program was fantastic and highly informative. I believe the information given on the day is highly effective and particularly allowed me to understand the importance and effect of my actions and its consequences.”



“This course has opened my eyes to the seriousness of driving and how it can change your life dramatically, it has helped me understand so much more safety and sense to road rules and have honestly helped me grow as a person.”



“I cannot thank you enough for the help and advice you have given me to grow as a driver and to ensure me to never speed, drink drive or disobey the law.”



“I thank you for the opportunity and are glad to ensure you guys there at this amazing program that you have changed my life in so many ways and for that, in a way saved my life.”