Our Story

“Our organisation was founded because my brother died in March 2005 in a serious road crash not far from where he and I shared our house. In that one moment of stupidity, my mother lost a son, I lost a brother, his daughter lost a father, and he lost his future. All due to a moment of inattention and lapse of judgement.

For many years after my brother died, my other brother, struggled with depression, drug addiction and mental health issues, and one day he decided that he could no longer live with the pain and he committed suicide.

I live everyday with the legacy of these tragedies, but I am not alone in pain. There are too many families like mine in Australia that have been affected by road trauma, and that is why I started this Not For Profit organisation.

I feel that I am lucky to be part of this team with the core goal of saving lives. Road safety is at the heart of everything we do at Road Sense Australia.”

– Michael Fitzgibbins, Founder and CEO


Our Team

Today, Road Sense Australia Ltd. is a registered charity, governed by an independent Board of Directors. Our Board brings together a wide range of not for profit, governance and corporate skills to our organisation. The Board’s key role is to ensure that the organisation meets its missions…. Read More About Our Board Here