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What We Do

As a not for profit that is entirely self-sufficient, we receive no government funding. Everything we do relies upon the generosity of our members and the community. Donations, sponsorship’s and grants help us provide community education that focuses on minimising the risks of being injured or killed on our roads. It seems everyday we hear another report about a person being killed on our roads. These deaths are not just numbers or statistics. The impact of road trauma is far-reaching and has a knock-on effect on family members and local communities.

It could be someone’s mother, father, son or daughter. Communities across Australia are united in pain and we need everyone to share the responsibility of reducing road trauma. This is why Road Sense exists. We provide interactive community-based and online educational programs, that give participants the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to become safer drivers.

Road Safety Is A Shared Responsibility By Changing Communities, We Can Change Australia.
Our Dedicated Team