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Drive it Home

Drive it Home

Safe Driving For Work

Drive It Home is a workplace driver training program designed to reduce driving related workplace injuries. It gives participants an opportunity to build knowledge about road safety and create practices that minimise their risk of road crashes and traffic offences.

If you have employees who are driving from site to site, or travelling to a meeting, or even going out for a coffee run, they are considered occupational drivers. Establishing safe driving for work practices is critical for employers, as occupational driving poses unique risks. Driving represents one of the highest risk activities an employer can require their employees to undertake.

At Road Sense Australia, we have developed the Drive It Home workplace driver training program to help improve workplace driver road safety. Drive It Home goes beyond simply providing a driving seminar for your employees to attend. Our expert team can work with management to identify common risks associated with your specific industry and will tailor a package suitable for your requirements.

The program is designed for employees who want to provide evidence to their current/future employers of their commitment to safe driving practices. The program also benefits many businesses – For example, vehicle operators can reduce their risks of motor vehicle collisions and the costs associated with traffic offences through our training.

What is the Drive It Home program?

Drive It Home provides safe driving training for employees. It is an interactive learning experience designed for workplace drivers. The program consists of modules that have been developed to enable participants to gain a clear understanding of how to stay safe on the road.

It also teaches participants how to develop safe and measured practices to reduce the risk of road crashes and traffic offences. Program prices start at $40.00 per participant for our online self-paced program or $1,100.00 for a Virtual Classroom delivered online, or Face-to-Face program at your premises (15-participant limit). Combined face-to-face and virtual options are available as well for $1,100. 

Delivery methods:

  • Online – Self-Paced (option for individuals and companies)

  • Virtual – employees program delivered remotely via Zoom

  • In-Person – our presenter will come on-site to deliver the program face-to-face to employees

  • Combination – In-Person and Virtual methods combined

Program inclusions:

  • 3hrs of interactive teaching
  • 3 modules of practical information  
  • Structured and tailored packages for your requirements 

Suggested modules:

  • The Fundamentals of Fleet Safety
  • Hazard Perception & Risk Reduction Strategies  
  • Impact on The Society 

Extra additional modules:

  • Seatbelts & Helmets
  • Vehicle Loads & Dynamics
  • Country & Highway Driving
  • Speeding
  • Distraction
  • Drive Under the Influence
  • Fatigue

The importance of safe driving for work

  • Road crashes are the most common cause of work-related fatalities, injuries and absences from work.
  • Between 2017-2021 74% of work fatalities were caused by vehicle collisions.

Learn Safe Driving For Work With Road Sense

Road Sense Australia is committed to making Australian roads safer, so trust us to deliver workplace driver training that helps your business's operations.

Learn from expert trainers

Road Sense Australia has expert trainers who can work with management to identify common risks associated with your specific industry.

Minimise your annual costs

Reduce your business’s operational costs through reducing injuries, road offences & insurance claims for motor vehicle crashes.

Improve employees confidence

Committing to safe driving practices can be beneficial for confidence and increase productivity by reducing vehicle and road related injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the same risks that exist for regular drivers exist for employee drivers. Speeding, fatigue, poor environmental conditions, driver distractions and drugs/alcohol pose among the biggest risks to employees drivers.

The Drive It Home program is developed to help drivers increase their knowledge of workplace driver road safety and reduce driver risks. At Road Sense Australia our team can identify the risks associated with your specific work site and create a package to fit your needs.

Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 employers are responsible for the primary duty of care in the provision and supervision of a safe work environment. Depending on your industry and work requirements the way in which these responsibilities are implemented and regulated may vary. Visit Safe Work Australia for more information.

The Drive It Home program includes 3hrs of interactive teaching from a selection of over 10 modules. We recommend The Fundamentals of Fleet Safety, Hazard Perception & Risk Reduction Strategies, and Impact to The Society. However, the programs modules can be tailored to suit your company including Seatbelts & Helmets, Drive Under the Influence, Vehicle Loads & Dynamics, Country & Highway Driving, Distraction, and Fatigue.

If you are interested in enrolling in our Drive It Home contact Road Sense Australia. Our Drive It Home program is self-paced and available online or with face-to-face options.

Prices for the Drive It Home Program vary depending on delivery mode and number of participants. For pricing based on group bookings of more than 15 participants, please contact us using the booking form or via email on [email protected].

Price List:

  • Individual Online self-paced: $40.00
  • In-Person Classroom (Max.15 participants): $1,100.00
  • Virtual Classroom (Max. 15 participants): $1,100.00
  • Combination – Virtual & In-Person Classroom (Max.15 participants): $1,100.00

All prices are inclusive of GST.

The primary objective is to improve workplace driver road safety by providing tailored training based on specific industry risks and enabling participants to understand and adopt safe driving practices.

Unlike other programs that merely offer seminars, Drive It Home provides a comprehensive approach. It includes case studies, works with management to identify risks specific to your industry, and offers tailored training packages suitable for your needs.

Drive It Home is designed for both novice and experienced drivers in a workplace setting. There are no specific prerequisites, but it’s essential that participants are committed to enhancing their road safety practices.

Yes, participants can provide evidence of their commitment to safe driving practices to current and future employers upon completing the program.

By reducing the risks of motor vehicle collisions and costs associated with traffic offences, businesses can ensure smoother operations, lower operational costs, and position themselves as responsible industry leaders.

Absolutely! Our expert team will work closely with your management to identify common risks and tailor a package that best addresses your company’s requirements. In fact, we can even deliver a program with your company branding to give it that “in-house” feeling.

The program has been developed by Road Sense Australia, a leader in road safety training and initiatives. At Road Sense, our founder, and most of our facilitators have experiences first-hand the devastating impact of road trauma, so we are not just telling you “how others may feel”. We are telling you exactly what it feels like to lose a loved one to road trauma. 

Start Benefiting From Workplace Driver Training Today

Getting your employees enrolled and engaged with the Drive It Home program is one of the most beneficial steps you can take as an employer to ensure workplace driver safety. Get in touch with Road Sense Australia and start benefiting from workplace and road safety today.

Interested in booking?

Fill out the form and we’ll send you our program information package and contact you as soon as possible to discuss how Drive It Home can be tailored to meet your workplace needs and how to book our course. 

In the meantime, if you have any urgent inquiries, please feel free to contact our support team at
[email protected] or call 1300 810 008.