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Get Involved

How You Can Help

Your support is vital to us. As a self sufficient Not For Profit Organisation that receives no government funding, we rely heavily on community support to help us reach our missions.

There are various ways you can help support Road Sense Australia:

  • Volunteering at one of our programs.
  • Making a donation to get our message to as many members of the community as possible.
  • Sponsoring a school to combat the problem of youth fatality rates.

Road Safe Pledge

Pledge to Safety is a huge community initiative with one aim, to reduce the number of people injured and killed on Australian roads.

Make a Donation

As a Not for Profit that is entirely self-sufficient (we receive no government funding), everything we do relies upon the generosity of our members and the community.

Sponsor A School Program

Your contribution to sponsor our program will help us implement our valuable and worthwhile Learn To Live program in schools.

Get Legal Advice

Being charged with a traffic offence can be a daunting experience, and sometimes not knowing what to do, or where to turn for help can be overwhelming.