Helping Young Adults To Become Safer Drivers.

18-24-year-old are classified as inexperienced drivers, they need to gain a more in-depth understanding of how their actions behind the wheel of car can have far reaching implications on other road users and members of society.

This age group is more susceptible to being involved in car related crashes due to driving inexperience, and their perception of risky behaviours.

The graduated licencing system is the first step in trying to reduce the road toll of our youth, however Road Sense believe that following up with an interactive educational experience will heighten awareness around key issues related to young drivers.

The program delivers session that complement the graduated licencing system and focuses on:

  • Road Laws;
  • Dangerous Behaviours;
  • Attitudes And Driving Behaviours.

The More Education We Provide A Young Driver, The Better Chance They Have Of Avoiding Road Trauma.