‘Behind the Road Toll’ Podcast

Ever wondered what happens inside a courtroom in real life? Who better to ask than a lawyer?

In this episode, Joe Harding of NSW Legal Aid joins BTR to discuss the realities of facing court over a traffic offence; who winds up in court, how the court makes determinations and how hearings actually play out.

News of the untimely death of a young person at the hands of a drunk or drugged driver will always provoke public outrage, but rarely do we hear from the point of view of the perpetrator’s family.

Melissa and Peter McGuinness, the founders of You Choose Youth Road Safety, speak to ‘Behind the Road Toll’ about the tragic loss of their son Jordan, the irrevocable impact his decisions had on a number of other families, and what they are doing now to try to stop other young people from making the same mistake.

In response to a series of intense personal losses, Michael Fitzgibbins created the educational road safety charity Road Sense Australia in 2014.

In this episode, Michael discusses the trajectory that took him from a small coastal town in South Australia to becoming the founder and CEO of one of the fastest-growing charities in the country.