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By booking into TOIP you agree to the following conditions of attendance.

After making a payment you will be sent an email outlining your requested booking details and you will receive a separate receipt. In most instances you will be allocated into the date and location you have requested. However, our sessions do fill up and if there is no space available, we will phone you to arrange an alternative.

Conditions Of Attendance

  • You agree to pay the TOIP fee of at least $180 within 7 days of making a booking;
  • You understand that by attending a program you are bound by the Road Sense Constitution;
  • Sign in finishes 10 minutes before the start of the program and you will not be allowed entry if you are late;
  • You will be allowed short breaks throughout the day, but if you return late the doors will be closed and you will not be allowed back into the room. Regardless of the reasons.
  • We suggest you bring your own lunch. If you leave the venue or order food from the venue you are still accountable for the time that you return from lunch. The same conditions apply regarding being late;
  • You will turn off your mobile phone throughout the program;
  • You understand that any behaviour deemed inappropriate or disruptive by our staff may see participants expelled from TOIP;
  • If you attend TOIP under the influence of drugs or alcohol you will not be allowed to enter the program and you will have forfeited your funds;
  • If you are found to be asleep during the program, you will be expelled, you will not receive a refund and the Court will be informed;
  • You understand that you will be given a work booklet to complete and a Final Reflection Task, which when completed you should show to your legal representative and the Court;
  • You understand that TOIP involves some group discussions at which you will be required to participate;
  • You will notify Road Sense of any registration changes;
  • You understand that failure to adhere to any of the above listed conditions may mean that you will be asked to leave the program and notification will be sent to your legal representative and/or the courts. You also understand that if you are asked to leave the program you will not receive a refund of the program fees.

Refund Policy

If you fail to attend or you are not allowed to enter the program due to late arrival, or any other reason, or if you are expelled from the program you will not receive a refund.

If you choose to withdraw from the program with less than 7 days notice then you will not receive a refund. However, if you provide more than 7 days notice you may be entitled to a refund minus the credit card processing fee.