Drive It Home Can Help Reduce Work Place Injuries

If you have workers who are driving from site to site, or travelling to a meeting, or even going out for a coffee run, they are considered occupational drivers.

Occupational driving possesses unique risks for employers, as driving is one of the highest risk activities an employer requires employees to undertake. and unlike a worksite, the types of drivers and vehicles sharing the road with employees are not under the control of the employer.

Employers have both a legal duty and a moral duty to protect their workers from the hazards of occupational driving, however many organisations fail to adequately address the risks associated with occupational driving.

Drive It Home is aimed at three target market groups:

  • Young apprentices in trade professions
  • Fleet drivers of vehicles over 4.5 tonnes
  • Employees who spend many hours on the road as part of their job

Drive It Home gives occupational drivers further insights on how to stay safe behind the wheel of car. Road Sense don’t simply just provide a driving seminar for your employees to attend but will work with management to identify common risks associated with your specific industry and tailor a package suitable for your requirements.

Drive It Home Corporate Driver Training Can Be Customised To Fit The Needs Of Each Workplace.