Drive It Home Can Help Reduce Work Place Injuries

If you have workers who are driving from site to site, or travelling to a meeting, or even going out for a coffee run, they are considered occupational drivers.

Occupational driving poses unique risks for employers, as driving is one of the highest risk activities an employer requires employees to undertake. Unlike a worksite, the types of drivers and vehicles sharing the road with your employees are not under the control of the employer.

Road Crashes Are the Most Common Cause of Work-Related Fatalities, Injuries and Absences from Work, Costing Approximately $1.5 billion annually.

Drive It Home is a 3-hour interactive learning experience designed for workplace drivers. The program consists of six modules that have been developed to enable participants to gain a clear understanding of how to stay safe on the road and how to develop safe and measured practices to reduce the risk of road crashes and traffic offences.
The program is designed for:

  • Employees who want to provide evidence to their current/future employers regarding their commitment to safe driving practices; or
  • Businesses that operate fleet vehicles that wish to reduce their risks and costs associated with traffic offences and motor vehicle collisions.

Drive It Home goes beyond simply providing a driving seminar for your employees to attend. Our expert team can work with management to identify common risks associated with your specific industry and tailor a package suitable for your requirements.

Program prices start at $17.95 per participant for our online self-paced program, or $360 for a Face-to-Face program at your premises (20 participant limit). Group bookings of 100 or more are eligible for a 10% discount.