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Reroute & Rethink Your Commute: Ride2Work Day 2021

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This November 10 is national Ride2Work Day, a day that encourages those who have never commuted by bicycle before to reroute, rethink their commute and join the active transport community in biking it to work!

According to Bicycle Network, approximately two-thirds of Australians get inadequate exercise to stay healthy. The general guideline is to get 30 minutes of exercise daily, but with often busy schedules, for many Australians gym sessions often fall to the bottom of the priority ‘to do list’.

The problem is widespread, but the solution could be as simple as finding ways to incorporate exercise into our lives without disrupting our routines, which is exactly what Ride2Work Day is all about.

Riding a bike to work is one easy, time-efficient way to get to work while getting your daily dose of fresh air, vitamin D and exercise. It actually:

  • Improves your physical health and lowers the chances of developing future ailments.
  • Boosts your productivity levels.
  • Eases mental stress.
  • Reduces public transport & peak-hour traffic waiting times.
  • Saves money on fuel, car maintenance or public transport costs.
  • Limits climate change by reducing your carbon footprint per kilometre of travel by 240 grams, when travelling by bike over a car.

The benefits are astounding and while it might be tempting to just pull your dusty bike out from the garage or shed and jump right on there are some things you need to get started.

1. Gather your gear – While you don’t need a fancy bike to get started, you do need a helmet. The right helmet can reduce your risk of a serious brain injury and death by absorbing the shock and impact energy of your fall before your head and brain do.

If choosing a new helmet, make sure that:

  • It is designed for bike riding and not other sports or activities.
  • It has not sustained impact in a previous crash as helmets are only designed to protect a single severe impact.
  • It fits well and is snug, is comfortable, sits evenly on your head, has a secure buckle, and does not move in any direction while you are active.

2. Plan your route – If you’re unfamiliar with biking to work, one way to boost your confidence and get to work safely is to look up bike paths and trails you can take to work rather than cycling along main or busy roads. You can do this by checking out google maps and then planning your route alone or with a colleague.

3. Enjoy a safe commute – Cycling is a healthy and fun way to exercise, boost your energy, support the environment, and get to work BUT you must do it safely. Always make sure to bring your helmet, look out for other cyclists, pedestrians and cars and stay mindful of your positioning on the road.

With lockdowns easing, it’s back to business as usual but it doesn’t mean your commute has to be. This Ride2Work Day why not swap your car, bus, or train ride for a spring bike ride? Give it a go – rethink your route and your commute!

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