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Learn to Live

Learn to Live Program

Young Driver Education For Children & Young Adults

The Learn to Live program brings together key elements of road safety to ensure novice drivers get the full benefit of understanding their obligations and responsibilities as a new road user in order to keep them safe on our roads.

Learning to drive is seen by many young adults as a rite of passage and represents a new-found sense of freedom. However, it has been reported that more than 1 in 10 teens without a licence or with a learner’s licence have taken risks while driving. Young driver education is critical to ensure road safety, forming a strong foundation to driver development. The Learn to Live program provides a holistic young driver education program that incorporates an understanding of road rules, the impact that driving conditions have on road safety, and an appreciation of the various influencers of driving behaviours.

At Road Sense Australia, we offer the Learn to Live program to young Australians. Our comprehensive young driver education program works with parents and teachers to instil confidence in young drivers so that they can handle themselves safely on the road.

What is The Learn to Live Program?

The Learn to Live program is a young driver education course that not only emphasises an understanding of road rules and driver skills, but also gives young drivers an appreciation of how their parents, role models and mentors can play a role in influencing their attitude towards driving. Numerous studies conducted all over the world have indicated that role models can have a great influence on young drivers’ perception of acceptable behaviour behind the wheel of a car. This can be both a positive and negative influence, as they will likely pick up as many bad driving habits as good ones.

The Learn to Live program will work with parents and teachers to ensure that they can feel confident that their young drivers are adequately prepared to be on the roads unsupervised. Throughout the program, students will be asked to identify and evaluate a range of factors that impact their behaviour and apply their understanding of these influencing factors to help them develop strategies that will minimise the risk of harm to themselves and others.

Program Inclusions

  • Knowledge of the road rules
  • Identification and minimisation of risk factors
  • Understanding how driving conditions have a bearing on road safety
  • The influence of role models on their driving behaviour, especially parents

Why is Young Driver Education Important?

  • In at least 1 of their most recent 10 car trips, a reported ~80% of provisional drivers and just over half of learner drivers aged between 16 and 17 years have been involved with some type of risky driving behaviour.
  • Young Australian drivers account for ~20% of road deaths, despite the fact they only make up ~10% of all drivers on the road.
  • Young driver road traffic collisions accounted for ~45% of all young Australian injury deaths.

Road Ready - Road Safety For Kids

The Road Ready program is a fun learning experience for young children. Road safety for kids has never been easier with Road Sense Australia, our program includes fun and interactive learning games that have been specifically designed for young children.

Children by nature are impulsive, easily distracted and have little or no concept of danger. As children are unable to appreciate danger, this puts them at an increased risk of being involved in road-related incidents. This is because roads are complex, meaning children have to deal with a lot of scenarios simultaneously, such as: judging speed and distance of vehicle, sounds from near or far and distance between vehicles.

Road Sense Australia offers the Road Ready program, which teaches children’s road safety. Through a fun and experiential learning approach, children can gain an appreciation of road, bike, pedestrian and car safety.

The importance of road safety for kids

Children face many dangers on or near our roadways and are at heightened risk of being injured or killed. Children are particularly vulnerable to road accidents for a number of reasons: they are impulsive and distractible; they have not fully developed their ability to make safe judgements; and they are not as visible to drivers and are easily missed.

Land transport collisions (which include children as passengers, pedestrians and cyclists) account for the largest cause of fatalities of Australian children aged 0-14 years. Until the age of 12 years, children need assistance dealing with the traffic environment as they are not equipped physically or developmentally to make the crucial decisions to keep them safe.

What is the Road Ready program?

The Road Ready program is a fun and interactive children’s road safety course. The program can be implemented as part of an in-school education program, or made available as part of Before / After School Care or School Holiday Care Programs.

Bike safety

Road Ready teaches children about the importance of wearing a helmet and encourages the proper use of helmets at the earliest stage possible. We also educate children and parents about setting limits on riding until children have adequate experience with advice on how to avoid hazards and education around laws and safety.

Pedestrian activity

Road Ready can help children develop pedestrian safety skills and road safety skills by teaching them how to follow the basics of walking around roads, avoiding dangers and setting clear limits for children around roads.

Safe car travel

Road Ready helps children understand how to conduct themselves around cars and travel in cars safely. We teach children how to behave in and around cars and driveways, how to be a good car passenger, the importance of seatbelts and how to avoid risks that could lead to injury.

Alive at 25 - Safe Driving For Young Adults

Alive at 25 is a safe driving course designed to help young adults become safer drivers. It gives inexperienced drivers a chance to develop a deeper appreciation of road safety and the implications of driver behaviours. Drivers aged 18-24 years are classified as inexperienced. This means that they are more susceptible to being involved in car-related crashes due to their perceptions of risky behaviours and inexperience. This age group needs to gain a more in-depth understanding of how their driver actions can have far-reaching implications for themselves, other road users and other members of society. At Road Sense Australia we have created the Alive at 25 safe driving course for young adults aged 18-24. The course is specifically designed to help this cohort become safer road users. The program complements the existing licensing system and helps young adults to gain a deeper understanding of road laws, driving behaviours and skills.

Young driver statistics in Australia

  • Inexperience, risky driving behaviours (like speeding and driving without a seatbelt), and driving more often at night, are all factors linked to higher rates of injury and death in young drivers in Australia.
  • Globally, young adults aged 15-24 years are over-represented in traffic crashes, with a cohort based annual mortality rate more than 50% greater than other ages.
  • Approximately one-third of all motor vehicle speeding fatalities are males aged 17 – 25 years and 6% are females of the same age cohort.

What is the Alive at 25 program?

Alive at 25 is an adjunct to the licensing system. It was developed because Road Sense Australia believes that following up young drivers with an interactive educational experience will heighten their awareness around key issues related to safe road use.

Program Inclusions

  • Road laws
  • Dangerous behaviours
  • Attitudes and driving
  • Behaviours
  • Safe driving skills

Advantages of our safe driving course

The more education we provide a young driver, the better chance they have of avoiding road trauma.

Experienced & certified trainers
Road Sense Australia only uses experienced driving trainers for all our young driver training programs.

A comprehensive approach
Road Sense Australia takes a robust approach that integrates road laws, safety, skills, behaviours and attitudes to give young drivers a more complete program.

Improve young driver confidence
Helping young drivers commit to safe driving practices can boost their confidence using Australian roads.

Young Driver Education with Road Sense Australia

At Road Sense Australia, our Learn to Live program prepares young Australian drivers for a long and safe driving future on the road through our unique approach to young driver education.

Experienced & certified trainers

Road sense is an experienced young driver training provider. We offer a range of extensive and accredited driver education courses.

Research-based training approach

We take an evidence based and holistic approach that integrates young driver attitudes and behaviours in our training course for safe driving skills.

Meets the NSW high school syllabus

Our Learn to Live program is so comprehensive that it can be incorporated into NSW high school driver education courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Research suggests that during the first year of driving unsupervised, is when drivers are at the greatest risk of being in a crash. According to the Australian Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics, young drivers (aged 17-25 years) are over-represented among road crash victims and accounting for ~20% of road accident victims.

In Australia, the laws governing drivers are highly dependent on the State or Territory issuing a driver their licence. Many prioritise driver experience with regards to additional driving laws; however, age can also be a factor. For the most relevant information about driver laws and restrictions contact your relevant State or Territory roads authority.

The Learn to Live program is designed for young Australians aged 5 all the way through to adulthood, to educate road rules, driver skills, driver attitudes and driver behaviours.

Drivers are the most likely to be involved in a road crash in their first year of unsupervised licensed driving. Research suggests this could be influenced by inexperience, risky behaviours, driving at riskier times and driving smaller and older vehicles with less safety features. Furthermore, young adults are still developing their decision making and impulse control brain areas.

The Alive at 25 safe driving course for young adults, has been developed to educate and help young adults become safer road users. It can be used as an adjunct to the licensing system, helping young adults get a greater insight into driving behaviours, safe driving skills and road laws.

There is no firm definition of an inexperienced driver. At Road Sense Australia we classify drivers aged 18-24 years as inexperienced; however, the various governing road traffic authorities around Australia as well as insurance companies will use different criteria. Because young drivers and road safety have a poor association, generally this will be based on some combination of age and the length of license possession.

Inexperienced drivers are more likely to engage in risky driving behaviours such as engaging with distractions. The most common distractions include friends and passengers, mobile phones and other devices, eating whilst driving and engaging with various in-vehicle distractions (e.g. loose objects, dashboard features).

The Learn To Live program is designed to give licensed Australians between the ages of 18 and 25 years driver education around road laws, driver skills, driver attitudes and driver behaviours.

Road Sense Australia is committed to road safety for all young Australians with a range of programs, we offer programs like Road Ready for children and Learn To Live for those under 18 years.

The course is specifically designed to help young adults become safer road users. The program complements the existing licensing system and helps young adults to gain a deeper understanding of road laws, driving behaviours and skills. It was developed as an interactive educational experience for young drivers. The program covers such key areas affecting young drivers as:

  • Road Laws
  • Dangerous Behaviours
  • Attitudes And Driving Behaviours
  • Safe driving skills

If you are interested in enrolling in our Alive at 25 contact Road Sense Australia. Our program is a fun and interactive educational experience that will heighten young driver awareness around the key issues affecting them on the road.

Children are at risk of various forms of road related injuries due to their poorly developed decision making capabilities. The most common road related risks that affect Australian children include: pedestrian accidents; driveway accidents; bicycle accidents; and car passenger accidents (including accidents related to exiting vehicles).

The Road Ready program teaches children’s road safety in a fun and interactive way designed to increase childrens’ awareness of potential road-related risks.

The Road Ready program is designed to give children under the age of 12 education around the safe use of roads, cars, bicycles and pedestrian behaviours.

Road Sense Australia is committed to road safety for all young Australians with a range of programs, we offer programs like Learn To Live for those under 18 years and Alive at 25 safe driving course for young adults.

The Road Ready children’s safety course is designed to help children become safer and more aware road users. The program can complement existing child education or be implemented within schools or childcare centres. It was created as an interactive educational experience for children and covers key areas affecting children’s road safety including:

  • Bike Safety
  • Pedestrian Activity
  • Travelling Safely In Car
  • Walking To School

The Road Ready program can be implemented as part of an in-school education program, or made available as part of Before / After School Care or School Holiday Vacation Care Programs.

If you are interested in enrolling in our Road Ready program contact Road Sense Australia. Our program is an interactive and fun educational experience that will increase your child’s awareness of the key issues affecting their safety in/around cars and on Australian roads.

Help Young Australians Make Safer Driving Choices Today

Our Learn To Live program is one of the best ways to ensure your young driver understands the importance of safe driver behaviours and attitudes on the road. Contact Road Sense Australia to help your young driver benefit from this thorough young driver education course.