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Learn 2 Live

Learn 2 Live Program

Building a Safe Future for Our Youth

Introducing Learn 2 Live, a robust, evidence-based school-based program geared towards road safety and the wellbeing of primary and secondary school students.

Our mission is to deliver vital information in a digestible format, ensuring the learning experience is rewarding. In sync with the PDHPE syllabus, Learn 2 Live is methodically constructed to offer age-specific content, empowering students with indispensable knowledge and life skills.

Our program is composed of five carefully structured stages, each employing an combination of learning techniques. Our diverse range of tools include engaging videos, interactive activities, and group discussions to promote active learning and encourage a proactive attitude towards road safety. 

To support teachers in their role, each program stage is supplemented with a comprehensive Post-Program Teacher Resource Booklet. This ensures the extension of educational impact post-program, promoting continuous learning outside the classroom environment.

Stage 1

Equips students with essential road and wheel safety concepts, promotes safe behaviours outside the home, and emphasises recognising emergencies and contacting appropriate aid services.

Price: from $2 per student

Stage 2

Deepens the student’s understanding of safety principles, practises handling varied emergency scenarios and introduces advanced techniques for engaging aid services effectively while maintaining the focus on road safety and personal wellbeing.

Price: from $5 per student

Stage 3

Develops on previous content relating to passenger and wheel safety incorporating personal mobility devices and the laws around them. Health and wellbeing content introduces developmental factors in youth, including identity development and peer pressure.

Price: from $7 per student

Stage 4

Educates students on intricate driving requirements, safety, community impact, and license application preparation. It also covers pedestrian safety, risk factors for youth, and mental health perceptions, especially among young people.

Price: from $10 per student

Stage 5

Enhances students’ understanding of road safety, driver responsibilities, and their impact on the community. It explores social media and the internet’s effects on mental health, offering strategies for improvement.

Price: from $12 per student.

Benefits of The Learn 2 Live Program!

  • Flexible: The program is designed with the utmost flexibility in mind. Each of our stages can work hand-in-hand as part of a continuous learning journey or shine on its own as an independently. This gives you the freedom to explore our content in a way that best suits their unique needs and schedule.
  • Engaging and Dynamic: Through our content, students will gradually build a robust understanding of road safety, personal development, health, and wellbeing that’s carefully tailored to their specific age and learning stage. Our goal is to make every learner feel equipped and empowered, ready to apply their newfound knowledge in real-world situations.
  • Time Efficient: We value your time, which is why we’ve made sure all the content can be comfortably covered during the school day for our face-to-face programs.
  • Teacher Resources: Each stage is paired with a Post-Program Teacher Resource Booklet. Filled with stage-specific activities to be conducted in class, this booklet helps reinforce and extend the learning journey, ensuring all knowledge from the program is retained.
  • Designed with Caregivers in Mind: We understand your role in nurturing your children’s learning and safety. To support you, we offer a wealth of resources on our website. Here, you can find practical tips and advice to help you guide your children, keeping them safe and fostering their growth.
  • Community: In a nutshell, Learn 2 Live is a community that invites students, teachers, and parents to embark on a collaborative journey of learning, safety, and well-being.
  • Our Team: Our facilitators are a diverse group of professionals from various backgrounds, including education, social work, psychology, and emergency services. Each team member brings unique insights and knowledge to the program.
  • Our Impact: By integrating Learn 2 Live into school curriculums, we aim to foster road safety, nurture well-being among young people, and promote responsible behaviours. We believe that by collaborating with schools and communities, we can significantly reduce the rates of road trauma experienced by young people.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is designed for young Australians aged five all the way through to late teens, to educate road rules, driver skills, driver attitudes and driver behaviours.

Learn 2 Live has been designed to compliment the PDHPE school curriculum. The program is divided into five stages that align with school years, allowing students expand on their knowledge and skills each year. 

The program can be implemented as part of an in-school education program, or made available as part of before / after school care or school holiday vacation care programs.

If you are interested in enrolling in Learn 2 Live please contact us at [email protected]

Research suggests that during the first year of driving unsupervised, is when drivers are at the greatest risk of being in a crash. According to the Australian Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics, young drivers (aged 17-25 years) are over-represented among road crash victims and accounting for ~20% of road accident victims. The research suggests this could be influenced by inexperience, risky behaviours, driving at riskier times and driving smaller and older vehicles with less safety features. Furthermore, young adults are still developing their decision-making and impulse control brain areas.

Learn 2 Live has been developed to educate and help young adults become safer road users. It can be used as an adjunct to the licensing system, helping young adults get a greater insight into driving behaviours, safe driving skills and road laws.

Children are at risk of various forms of road related injuries due to their still developing decision-making capabilities. The most common road related risks that affect Australian children include pedestrian accidents, driveway accidents, bicycle accidents, and car passenger accidents (including accidents related to exiting vehicles).

Learn 2 Live teaches children’s road safety in a fun and interactive way designed to increase childrens’ awareness of potential road-related risks.

In Australia, the laws governing drivers are highly dependent on the state or territory issuing a driver their licence. Many prioritise driver experience with regards to additional driving laws; however, age can also be a factor. For the most relevant information about driver laws and restrictions contact your relevant State or Territory roads authority.

Inexperienced drivers are more likely to engage in risky driving behaviours such as engaging with distractions. The most common distractions include friends and passengers, mobile phones and other devices, eating whilst driving and engaging with various in-vehicle distractions (e.g. loose objects, dashboard features).

Help Young Australians Make Safer Driving Choices Today

Our Learn To Live program is one of the best ways to ensure your young driver understands the importance of safe driver behaviours and attitudes on the road. Contact Road Sense Australia to help your young driver benefit from this thorough young driver education course.