Road Sense Australia is an accredited provider of the Traffic Offender Intervention Program (TOIP) under Part 8 of the Criminal Procedure Regulation 2010.


The Traffic Offender Intervention Program is a driver education program targeting road safety and responsible driving behaviours. The sessions are designed to increase your awareness of the consequences of dangerous driving practices, and is intended to reduce the likelihood of you re-offending. 

Our program combines a cognitive behavioural approach with reality-based learning. It provides you with the information and skills necessary to develop positive attitudes towards driving and to become safer, more responsible road users.

At the completion of the program, the Courts will be informed of the behaviour of each participant throughout the program and the Magistrate may impose a final sentence/outcome.

Road Sense is recognised as an approved educational provider, by the NSW Department of Justice. 

We deliver TOIP in a variety of options to better suit your individual learning style.

  1. Complete An Online Program + Attend 1 x 3 Hour Face To Face Session
  2. Complete Two x 3 Hour Face To Face Sessions

To can register to attend TOIP by using the link below.